Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy 2011

So here we are at the start of a new year. I am anxious, yet excited to see what this year brings. Last year was very tough in so many ways that I was really glad to see it end. My horse survived his accident quite well and has mended nicely. I owe Lisa Stock more than she can ever know for all she has done for me/him. I re-connected in a small way with my youngest daughter. It's not like it used to be and I don't know if we will ever get back to that place, but my heart prays that it does as I miss our closeness more than she can ever know. Indy is struggling, but struggling in the right direction. She works hard at being the best mother she can and continues to overcome the demons of her past. Sadly, I have had no contact with Jason for over a year. I have granted his request to be "dead" to him. Made me quite sad but I am resigned to the loss. Unfortunately as a result I rarely see my oldest grand-daughter Zoey, twice in the last year. Zack seems to have been influenced by his parents and I never hear from him unless I am texting or emailing him to ask what he wants for birthday or Christmas, haha. He remembers me then. Knitting and crochet keep me sane during the insane times of my life. I can honestly say I am unsure of the future, but I am striving to make the most of what is in front of me.

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