Monday, September 28, 2015

fun times

So here we are, school is well under way.   As a matter of fact Keely has fall break starting a week from today!!  Summer was quick and fun.  We made it to Kansas City and my daughter and her family visited us here also.  My daughter absolutely LOVES Colorado so have high hopes that in the very near future she will be living here!
Went to a Kansas City Royals game with my son Jason, daughter, Krissy, and son-in-law Jeff.  We won, lots of fun.
Keely took riding lessons and this was her first time having a lesson on my horse Avalon.  She was awesome!  Avalon has such an easy sweet disposition and took very good care of her.
Keely rocked the first day of school in this amazing dress given to her by my sister.  I can't believe she is in 4th grade.  Time is flying way to fast.  It's amazing to go through being a parent again at my age (60), after thinking we were done.   This year she decided to call me "mom" instead of nana, makes things so much easier for her at school and after all I am her mom in all ways other than having given birth to her!  She is such a joy to me and I love every moment of being with her.
Made a few pillows and am overjoyed at how they turned out.  The named pillows are for the grands.  Keely absolutely loves hers and it has a place of honor on her bed.   Krissy wants one of the Halloween bench pillows so I have made 2!! One for her and one for me!  She informed me she wants as many or all of the pillows in that series.
Finally, meet the newest member of our family!  We welcomed Oreo (named by Keely) to our family and are thrilled to have her.  She is a mini Australian Shepherd.  Sweet as can be and so far very smart!  Loves everyone and will be a great companion for Keely!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Quilty fun!

I have been obsessed lately with quilting!!
December 1st found me starting Bonnie's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt, SO.MUCH.FUN!!

 Just finishing up the binding and then FINISHED!  Wow there were a lot of pieces to this quilt!!
Some other projects I have been working on lately:
Tote bags for the grand girls!
Wreath for Keely's teacher
Valentine wreath for front door
Wreath for Keely's door
Finally..........someone got what the most wanted for birthday this year:  (we are such suckers!)