Sunday, April 2, 2017

It's Been Too Long!!!

Life has a way of moving so fast that I forget the reason I wanted to do this blog in the first place.  My intent was to create a scrapbook of my life that my 11 year old daughter (who is biologically my granddaughter) can look back on down the road when she might wonder what her "mother" might have done or thought.

Seeing this lovely child in peaceful slumber as we are traveling back home from seeing family in Kansas City gives me more joy than I can imagine.  Despite being raised by "older" parents this girl is as typical a "tween" as you can get.  She loves us, her dogs, my horse (which she insists is hers), her aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents and loves nothing better to spend time with them. Gymnastics is a passion of hers and loves, loves, loves that she is on the competition team! 

She has lots of friends and according to her teachers is a friend to all.  My son took her camping with his daughter (8 month older cousin) and their friends and couldn't say enough about how well behaved she was.  Despite all these accolades I am spouting, she is still a typical 11 year old:  talks back to me, knows everything about everything, argues, etc but still is a delight to be around.  She enjoys most things that 11 year old girls enjoy and some that most don't care to think about:  quilting!!! Makes my heart soar when she comes down to my studio (read unfinished basement) and joins my creating awesome quilts!  This quilt she made for an Education Assistant at her school.  She also quilted it herself on the longarm.  My lone contribution was the binding.
I have quite a few finished under my belt since last visiting here:

this wallhanging is now finished!

did some barn quilts, so fun
Star Wars quilts for my grand boys

work in progress

Life continues to be a work in progress, until next time.................