Friday, May 25, 2012

I have rediscovered quilting and am having an absolute blast!!  I have a great sewing machine that has been sitting neglected for at least 10+ years and had forgotten what it was capable of.  I think I originally bought it with quilting in mind so it is exactly what I need right now.  My first attempt for was my newest grand-baby Isaac who was born on leap day.  When all was said and done, it was an average attempt.  I was remembering things as I went along and unfortunately it turned out to not be my best effort.  I decided that since he was only 2.5 months old he probably wouldn't care much.  Krissy knows she can throw it on the ground and abuse the heck out of it, most likely I will be making him another in the not to distant future.

Next up was a lap quilt for my middle grand-daughter Keely.  Her favorite color is pink and mine is purple so I showed her the two fabrics I was thinking about using and she loved them (lucky me).  Keely is 6 years old and definitely has a mind of her own.  I have custody of her right now so I have a little one around 24/7 to love, spoil, and make things for.  She loves everything I have ever done for her, my best audience!  She has put in a request for a quilt for her dolls that will be perfect for using up some scraps.

Keely graduated from kindergarten this week and this was what we gifted her wonderful teacher with.  She loved the "mug rugs" (from a kit, now I know how to do them), and inside the crochet bag I created we put a gift card from Target (one of her fav stores).  Its so nice when people enjoy crafted items as gifts and I so love to make and give things away. 

Julianna is my youngest grand-daughter, she will be 5 going on 25 in July!  She is pretty girly but her mom, my daughter still rebels against that and pleaded with me not to make her lap quilt over the top girly.  I know I will have many opportunities in the future to feed my inner "girl" so came up with these fabrics that I knew would please her as well as her mom.  This has been my best effort yet and has gotten me so excited for my next effort. 

It's still pretty hectic at our house these days.  We are enjoying being full time parents again, but it can be tiring at times.  At the same time our home of 19 years is for sale and that brings alot of stress and sadness along with it.  When we first decided to put the house on the market we had planned on moving back to Denver once it sold.  Life has a funny way of changing your plans.  We now are not able to leave the state until the situation with Keely is resolved and that doesn't look like it will be happening for at least 6 months to a year.  We don't know if we will have Keely permanently or if her mother (our oldest daughter) will be able to get her act together.  So if the house does sell it will be rental time for us.  The thought of having to downsize from our current 7500 square feet to about half that almost paralyzes me. 

It's crazy to think about all that is happening right now.  Smile and keep putting one foot in front of the other!!  Perhaps I should start journaling??