Thursday, August 30, 2012

School is in session!!

August is almost over and it's back to school for the kiddies.  Keely is in 1st grade this year.  Her school is half a mile from our house so we walk both to and from school every day.  So far it's been great and she and I both really enjoy it.  Such a wonderful time for us to chat with only the beauty of the outdoors to distract us!!  I love the random questions she comes up with and the off the wall things she does and notices during our walks.  One day she noticed a cicada on the sidewalk, wondered if it was alive and to find  out blew on it.  It was and she scared the poor thing head first into the crack of the sidewalk.  Not to mention I jumped 3 feet myself, it startled us as much as she startled it!!  She likes to randomly hug trees, I smile.  I am often reminded not to step on a crack so I don't break my mother's back, I should let her know that I am very careful walking to school so as to not hurt her back.  We are becoming friends with the crossing guard at the school and are quick with a smile when we see her.  Every day when she walks away from me and heads into the school I am blindsided with the love I feel for her and how very grateful I am to have been in the right place when she needed me most.  By the end of November the custody issue should be over and she will be with me permanently.  I am blessed and thankful every day.

Today I finished my first queen-sized quilt and am so happy with the way it turned out.  I love it!  The entire thing was pieced and quilted on my machine.  I can't wait to start on another one....what to do, what to do???  Free motion quilting is pretty intimidating but so much fun.