Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a nice 3 day weekend.  It was pretty warm here and I was able to spend quite a bit of time working on my latest quilt.  I am calling this Over the Fence, made from a jelly roll.  It turned out rather nice, but I made it too narrow so added the strips on the side to widen it a bit.  I can't wait to practice my free motion quilting on it.  Once it is finished I will decide who I want to give it to.  I am enjoying very much quilting again.  Especially the part where I can give something so special to someone so special to me!!
I spent several hours Monday morning entering a bunch of give-aways on a blog hop.  Hopefully my number will be drawn in at least one of them!!  Would be kinda cool.   Saturday coming up I am taking a class on how to use a long-arm machine so I can rent time on it.  I am super excited about that, and a bit nervous!  I think that is an excellent way to find out if that is something I might want to do at home. 
   In the above picture Keely is wearing the very first skirt I have ever made.  I have a captive audience in her and she loves everything I make.  The first one went so well I plan on making many more.  This was from our vacation in Colorado in August.  We were hiking up in the mountains and she found herself a walking stick.  She has brought so much joy to my life and being a mom again in my 50's has been quite interesting!!

This is the top I finished piecing today that I mentioned above.   I am anxious and excited to start the next one, can you say "compulsive"?  Too much to do, too little time.  Till next time.......

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